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Maximize your patients VO2 intake the smart way .  The CS-200 ERGO-SPIRO provides the peak performance you demand when striving to achieve the best result from your patient or athlete!



 Simultaneous presentation of ECG, spirometry and VO2 uptake curves with possibility
to compare all parameters

     Free combination of parameters and graphs for individual result protocols

     Real breath-by-breath analysis

     Bi-directional flow sensor insensitive to moisture

     Two monitors for the testing system

     Limit monitoring of any parameter with alarm function

     Automatic control of ergometer, using configurable profiles

     Indirect Calometry (Nutrition)

     Economical, as all accessories are resterilizable and therefore reusable

     Network ability of CARDIOVIT CS-200

     Micro fuel cell for O2 measurement (maintenance free)


Schiller America, Inc. is the wholly owned subsidiary of Schiller AG, a manufacturer of cardiopulmonary

devices worldwide.  Schiller AG is located in Baar Switzerland.  Schiller America, Inc. is located in Doral Florida.